Please complete this form to set up your $15.00/month recurring membership payment.  Contact Blair if you have any questions.

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Monthly memberships ($15.00) are billed on/around the 1st of every month.  If you sign up at some other point during the month, you will be charged a pro-rated amount now, and then $15.00 on/around the 1st of each month hereafter.  You may cancel your recurring payment at any time.

Your Malachite Yoga Virtual Membership includes:

  • Instructor Profile Page with bio and schedule of classes
  • Classes displayed on Malachite’s master class calendar
  • Ability to add unlimited classes
  • Customization of class offering, including time, description, style, location (virtual or physical), and pricing
  • 100% of student payments made directly to your own account
  • Class booking confirmations sent to all students
  • Ability to view bookings (including student names and email addresses ) for all your classes
  • Access to Malachite’s Zoom conference lines for conducting virtual classes
  • Tech support for you and your students with the website
  • Monthly voluntary members meeting, to connect with other members of the Malachite community
  • Optional monthly private meeting with Blair to discuss any questions, or upcoming offerings you want to add to the calendar