This yoga co-op was founded in June 2020 in Denver Colorado it consists of yoga instructors in the Denver area, and from other regions of Colorado and several other states.  All Malachite instructors have or are in process of completing a 300hr yoga teacher training in addition to their original 200hr YTT.  That means Malachite Yoga connects you with instructors who have gone above and beyond to grow and continue to educate themselves to provide a high quality experience to their students.  Our platform enables instructors to create classes with no boundaries, allowing our students to have an authentic learning experience.  At Malachite Yoga, we believe our instructors deserve to be paid commensurate with their experience and expertise.  As such, when you book a class through Malachite Yoga, 100% of what you pay goes directly to your instructor(s).  All Malachite Yoga classes are currently being offered virtually through Zoom.  We plan to open a studio in the future, at which point our classes will be both in person and online.

Malachite has the following goals:

  • To provide an opportunity to our members to teach what they love and generate an income worthy of their education and experience;
  • To provide yoga students access to quality classes from highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors;
  • To provide yoga students with workshops and trainings taught by our Malachite instructors;
  • To build a community and movement to create change, helping others along the way, either through volunteer work or raising money through teaching and donating the proceeds to those in need;

At Malachite, our members fully support one another, and this in turn allows each instructor and therapist to help transform you each time you step on your mat.